Suppliers of supreme fine soft fibre in a comprehensive range of colours for manufacture into top quality yarn, unique fabric and luxury garments.

About EAA


EAA is an Australian owned company run by Val and John Johanson who have been breeding show winning alpacas at their alpaca stud just South of Canberra in the Southern highlands of NSW Australia. (

The climatic conditions here in Southern NSW are not unlike those of their native homeland in the altoplano of Peru, South America, with cold winters and little rainfall, and are ideal for breeding the fine soft luxurious fibre that has become so prized by those who value quality.

The first decision we made was to breed 'grey' alpacas and we carefully selected our initial purchases based on grey genetics in their breeding. The beautiful creams and apricot colours soon took our fancy as well, and we added light fawn and suri genetics to our herd. Light fawn is a poor descriptor for the wonderful colour range from cream and warm light fawn, to apricot and almost pink or mushroom colour.

Our animals are run under a strict biosecurity program to minimize spread of disease and ensure robust healthy animals with minimal intervention.

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